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Healthy Arthritis Treatments

 We have added a new section to our healthy arthritis treatments website and you can see the little button to your left. It is called Breaking News and we have the latest news that is hitting the market. The top stories so far have been juvenile arthritis, obesity and rheumatoid arthritis, Can arthritis be Cured, and many more.  Take the time to browse and read the latest information on arthritis treatments.

You are looking for Arthritis Treatments and we understand the joint PAIN. We've been there and done that too many times to count. However, we have found solutions to our pains: some are all natural, a lot of them we do in the comfort of our homes and some we don't even have to think about anymore.  Do you suffer from one or more below?



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Not sure about you, but in the early days of all this pain, I lacked the ability to understand the root cause of arthritis and joint pain.

All of us have experiences with some sort of joint pain and we've all tried our own arthritis treatments. We've all tried ibuprofen, tylenol, chiropractors, ice, rest and over the counter stuff. Did it work or did it relieve the pain for a little while and then come back?

We've visited the doctor and we received a drug or two that helped for a while and then the pain came back. All these types of arthritis treatments do not get after the root cause.  When you can't find relief maybe it's time to look for an alternative natural treatment that heals from the inside out.
healthy arthritis treatment

Arthritis Treatments and X-Rays Warning

I like to walk a hill behind our home for exercise.  This is a very steep hill and coming down can be tricky. Last summer I slipped but caught myself.  I did feel some pain but it quickly went away and I forgot about it. Then in October, when it was extremely painful to walk I decided to visit a doctor.  I ended up at the orthopedic surgeon's office who informed me that I damaged my meniscus.  Also revealed by the x-ray was a lot of arthritis in my knee.

After surgery my doctor told me it was a success and my recovery was super fast.  I was walking the hill again 7 days later.  He also told me that I did not have an ACL and it would need to be fixed soon.  However, the most important thing he told me was that the arthritis they saw in the x-ray was not as significant as they originally thought.  Arthritis runs in our family and that is one thing I don't want to deal with for at least another 10 years. I have started my arthritis supplements again and my knee feels really good except the swelling from surgery.  Which leads me to ask you:

Do you know the 7 best all natural ingredients that can start your road to recovery?  I love these ingredients and they've made a difference in my life.  Click below to get your own copy of the 7 best all natural arthritis treatment ingredients right now.  No strings attached, simply fill out the form, check your email and click the confirmation link, and the report will immediately be delivered to you.

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Unfortunately, age is a huge factor in arthritis, however there are many other causes including diet, genes, and exercise.  Other contributors in my life have been: the way I sleep, the alignment of my back and hips, diet and everyday bumps and bruises. There are many arthritis treatments for you to explore and we'll make sure and give them all to you here on this website.

I've got my own personal arthritis treatment philosophy and it's working.  Blood flow is the key to eliminating arthritis pain.  And here is how I do it.  I can't run anymore and I hate walking on level ground because it takes to long to get my blood flowing.

Also, lack of sleep.  I've noticed lately my knees hurt really bad when I don't enough sleep. Don't ask me why, it just does.  Most every arthritis treatments solution I have turned to, ciidn't work that well except sleeping.

I've found a hill nearby that I like to climb.  It doesn't take long, but by the time I am at the top, my heart rate is soaring and my back and knees stop hurting.  I did have to take it slow in the beginning, but now, I walk that hill as often as possible.

Nuts and Bolts of Joints and Arthritis

There are these little critters running around in our joints and they are called Prostaglandins.  Prostaglandins are the cause of our inflammation and arthritic pain.

When we have damaged a part of our body, these little critters are immediately sent to help the situation.  The reason they are sent is to attract white blood cells. Your white blood cells are like the military. They are present to help guard against further damage and help restore order in the area. When your body sends to many prostaglandins you suffer from pain, bruising and swelling.

In our joints we have a lining that helps protect the bones and ligaments. When this becomes irritated you better believe those little critters are there to try and help. That breakdown also causes the "oil" to stop lubricating the area.  This oil is called synovial fluid and it is extremely important.  I'm sure you've felt your joints rubbing or creaking and soon thereafter pain starts to develop.

They simply go to the area of inflammation to repair the damage and guard against infection.  As you can see our bodies have the best military in the world and it can heal itself, IF you give it the correct fuel.

Arthritis treatments that are geared to help repair the damage are much better than arthritis treatments that are geared mask the pain.

Our site will share with you healthy arthritis treatments that we have used and recommended. If they didn't work, we wouldn't even bother sharing them with you. Make sense?

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